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Our Previous Experience

details OF Projects Completed and in progress
S.No Project Title Scope of Work Client Year Status
1 N-13842 400KV+220KV OHTL Tower Assembling, Erection & Stringing Works, INABENSA/TRANSCO 2017 Completed
2 J-537 Spacering and Clipping work done  of 400kv & 220kv at EM project Centaur/DEWA 2017 completed
3 N-13842 OPGW Lowering work 220KV OHL Shahama-Wathba Shutdown work INABENSA/TRANSCO 2017 Completed
4 N-13842 OPGW installation Work INABENSA/TRANSCO 2017 Completed
5 N-13842 Tower Rectification, Final inspection and Final Snage removing Work INABENSA/TRANSCO 2017 Completed
6 CNTG Primary & Al Salmia S.S. Conversion of 33KV OHL & Under Ground Cable works Jupiter/L&T/ADDC 2017 Completed
7 N-13970 Ground assembly work 400KV (Barakah-Madinat Zayed) KEC/Transco 2017 Completed
8 N-16154 Insulator replacement work done(Shutdown Work) INABENSA/ TRANSCO 2017 completed
9 J-533 Replacement of Damage conductor (B Phase) of DSTA-INDS OHL 132KvOutage circuit Dubai. Centaur/DEWA 2017 completed
10 J-543 Spacering and Clipping work done  of 400kv & 220kv at INB project Centaur/DEWA 2017 completed
11 N-6734 SNAGS clearance 132KV OHL Fujairah-Tawyeen & Fujairah Dibba INABENSA/ TRANSCO 2017 Completed
12 L & T project Pole Pilling ,Pile Capping and Cable laying  Mafraq To Al Gweifat L & T / ADDC 2017 completed
13 J-552 132kv OHL Dismantling work Dubai Centaur/DEWA 2017 completed
14 N-6734 Electrical snags removing work Fujairah INABENSA/TRANSCO 2017 Completed
15 Shamkha G/S Modification and  jamper installation work at Shamkha G/S. INABENSA 2017 Completed

Our Competitive Certification

Training Certificates


We have Trained and experienced workers. We have following training certificates of our employees.

  • Work At Height
  • Rigger
  • Flagman
  • Tower Painting Safety certificates
  • First Aid
  • Fire Warden
  • Rescue Training